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7 Swords Central is %100 Done. Tournaments Are Up!! JOIN!
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First 7 Swords Central PvP Tournament!

24 spots are available, and the tournament will start when the spots are filled. Once the spots are full, the bracket will be randomly set and the tournament will begin. You will need to contact your opponent listed on the bracket. Either a visitor message or a private message to them here on forum. A response can be placed in the comment section of the tournament, under the brackets. This can also be used to report wins/losses and schedule your matches. When you report your wins/losses, report them to the Tournament Master Diego D by visitor message or private message. Please be sure BOTH competitors report the outcome. If you have any questions about this tournament, or any others, send a PM to a Tournament Master If the question is specific to this tournament, feel free to post it in the comments section.

How Does it Work?

The first 24 players to sign up will be part of the tournament! After the spots are filled you will need to contact your opponent and set a date and time for your match. All matches must be done at the arena!
Each player start with 5 lives, and your job is to kill your opponent 5 times before the 5 minutes run out. At the end who ever has more kill wins the match!

Fill Out The Form If you Wish To Participate!!

List Of Players Participating

13) Royal Queen Nox
14) Tivencho 3==D~
15) ~YoursTruly~
16) -rikku-

1) xXnoypiXx Erza
2) Shadow Movement
3) jamil2S3xy4U
5) Noah SeaHeart
6) Estiven Moszka
7) Cherrie
8) sephiroth4554
9) Necro
10) Akira Tifa
11) Gide
12) Kyoku o saisei

Good Luck guys! Make sure you sign up!

1st 7 Swords PvP Tournament Ever!

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